Happy 25th birthday to CDO & co-founder, Luke De Bono! 🎈🎂🎉
‪We're learning so much at the #Tax Tuesday session for small businesses today at @three76hub 📑🗂📊‬
‪Thank you Australian Taxation Office !
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This week in the workshop: 🛠
Machining the shaft of our lawnmower. This will attach the blade system to the motor. ⚙️
📽 Video of our prototype coming soon!
This week intern Luke Dostal has been busy ⚙️🔧 in the workshop! Here he is machining a few custom parts to fit a cutting deck to our electrical system. 🔌Assembly and early testing will be completed over the next week--stay tuned for a video of our lawnmower in action!
This week on the blog 💡 
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First prototype ready for assembly ✅ (Just waiting for our case to be manufactured, then we're ready for testing!)💡

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