A Message From CDO Luke De Bono

Author: Luke De Bono

Nearing the end of the year, things are getting quite busy for everyone in the team.

Last week the team headed back to Dubbo. Our goal was to collect more data and run it through our system to determine the effectiveness of our sensors and algorithms. Coming out of Spring, Dubbo’s sporting fields were a nice lush green and we spent a long time demonstrating LUCi’s capabilities in front of Dubbo Council staff who have been assisting us over the last couple of months. Seeing our prototype out in the field doing what it was built for was a lifting experience as this was the first time I’d seen it cut in person, and the first time it was demonstrated with the case on. We left with a plan of heading back early next year to fully implement our system for some autonomous test runs and further data collection.

We also entered the i2N pitching competition which was held at Hoyts Cinema in Charlestown and came home with 3rd place out of 7. We are all extremely happy with our result and as always, our CEO Sahil did an amazing job of our presentation.

This week we are featuring in The Art Of Problem Solving, an exhibition run by the University of Newcastle held at the Newcastle Museum. This exhibition features a whole range of unique robotics and gadgets which students and researchers have built to solve challenging problems. We are presenting our track prototype used for sensor testing and basic vehicle control tests, our exterior case design for our current prototype and an on-screen slide show featuring some simulations of how our control system functions.

Moving forward with product development, the MVP grant we applied for 6 months ago has come to an end. With this, we have begun to sketch up some new ideas and concepts of what the next stage of development could be for us. Our next design will be much bigger and smarter as we have started purchasing new technology such as on-board computers and sensors for the next prototype. If our plan goes well and we keep pushing on, we aim to have something ready next year which we can start doing autonomous runs with our trial customers on a much larger scale.

The ICON Accelerator program is going very well and is about to come to a finish with only 2 weeks left. The last few months have been so informative and very beneficial for us. Entrepreneur Ben Hutt, along with Slingshot founder Trent Bagnall have provided us with exceptional knowledge and expertise into how we can continue to grow Elite Robotics moving forward. The most beneficial aspect of the program was getting advice from external professionals in all different areas of business like marketing, accounting and product development which we can then apply to our own startup.

We have so much planned for the rest of the year and even more planned for next year. We have an amazing, dedicated team ready to continue pushing our vision and are all very excited to see where our journey takes us.

Luke De Bono

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