A Message From CTO Nathan Bartlett

Author: Nathan Bartlett

Although 2018 has just begun, we have ticked the boxes of numerous milestones. I would like to highlight just a fraction of the achievements we have accomplished within the last 2 months.

To ensure our autonomous system can operate within harsh environments, Luke (CDO), Doug (Mechatronics), and Shion (Mechanical) have been hard at work designing a new large-scale sensory box. With a minimum IP67 design requirement, the team have successfully developed a dust-proof, water-resistant housing for all our hardware to be located. Likewise, a novel solution has been developed to enable our ͚͛robotic brain͟ to remain cool, even when operating under the Australian sun.

In conjunction with the development of a new sensory box, we have also been busy integrating highly sophisticated sensors. From this integration, we will soon be able estimate the location of the autonomous lawn mower with high precision. Although this is a huge milestone for us, it does not end there; we have also been developing a new tracking and identification algorithm that enables us to predict the movement of obstacles within the environment. The intention of this algorithm is increase both the safety and reliability of our autonomous lawn mower. By being able to track objects within the environment, the lawn mower will be able to make more informed decisions. For instance, coming to a full stop when a person walks in front of its path, or even avoiding a parked golf-buggy on the course.

Our team was also delighted to attend the Regional Automated Vehicle Trails Collaboration event, hosted by Transport for NSW. During this event, we discussed the future of transportation with a large collection of business, whom are all pushing for the use of autonomy within vehicles. It was clear from this event that autonomous transportation is indeed the future. We cannot wait to see what amazing technology comes to market from this collaboration, and the chance for our ͞robotic brain͟ to be utilized within this field.

Sadly, we did have to say goodbye to Shion, who completed her last few weeks of work experience with us. The entire team wishes her the best of luck in her future endeavors, and congratulations in completing her Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

From the design of large-scale sensor boxes to in-depth discussions with councils, our team as continued to accelerate at an exponential rate. Within the next few months, we shall continue to work with our partners and clients to produce a sophisticated large-scale autonomous lawn mower. We are all eager to showcase our product, and can only begin to imagine the possible applications to which our technology can be utilized.

Nathan Bartlett

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