We are young dedicated professionals, ready to start the revolution of new age robotics for the future.

Sahil Harriram

Chief Executive Officer | Lead Embedded Engineer

Sahil’s responsibilities span from overall business management to designing the embedded system for our robotic solutions. Since he can remember he has always wanted to solve the world’s biggest problems by developing cutting edge technology. He completed his Honours in Mechatronics; finishing his thesis on the embedded architectural design for an autonomous boat used in the international RobotX competition. He is well versed in programming machine learning algorithms for vehicle guidance and machine vision systems.

Nathan Bartlett

Chief Technology Officer | Lead Systems Engineer

Nathan completed his Mechatronics degree with the highest level of Honours. As an undergraduate he worked with world renown professors in autonomous ship control to write and publish a paper on an advanced trajectory tracking control scheme for a large class of Hamiltonian Mechanical Systems. He is currently completing his PhD on advanced algorithms for object detection and collision avoidance for use on our autonomous vehicle platform.

Luke De Bono

Chief Design Officer | Industrial Designer

Luke graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design where he completed his major project on optimising the functionality of consumer products. He has a deep understanding of manufacturing processes allowing him to rapidly design and prototype the hardware integrations for our autonomous system and its various applications. Luke’s extensive design skills encompass complete company branding from product design to front-end web development.