February Newsletter

Author: Jenny Hanson

We can’t believe how quickly 2018 is flying by! We’ve kept busy refining our investment memorandum, polishing our prototype and developing other aspects of our company as we prepare for investment later this year. Read on to see what else we’ve been up to and what’s on our radar for the coming months.

Company News

Product Development

We’ve finally received all major components we need to begin testing & integrating onto our platform. Our latest, most anticipated part has just arrived: the QuanergyM8. The M8 is a long-range LiDAR capable of scanning 420,000 points per second with 360-degree vision.

Our case to house all of our new hardware is almost at the prototype stage and will be manufactured in the upcoming weeks. Once we have everything assembled and ready to go, we can begin mapping new environments and prepare the new system for its first trial run.

Regional Automated Vehicle Trials Recap

Last month the team took a trip to Dubbo, NSW for the Regional Automated Vehicle Trials, hosted by Transport for NSW. It seemed many different companies and organisations were keen to use autonomous technology within the transportation industry and very few organisations were developing it. This meeting also gave us more reassurance that we are developing technology for a wide range of applications and organisations are already thinking about implementing this type of technology in the near future.

On The Radar

Start House 100 Pitch Night

CEO & Co-founder Sahil will be pitching this Thursday, March 8 at the Lock Up for a pitch event hosted by The Business Centre. It’s going to be an exciting night and will give us the opportunity to talk about the new developments in our business. Follow along on our social media accounts for updates!

Business Trip to Google HQ

Later this month the Elite Robotics Team will be heading to Sydney to visit Google’s corporate headquarters. We’re all looking forward to this opportunity to tour their facilities and see where the magic is made!

In Case You Missed It

Founders Update from CTO Nathan Bartlett

In case you missed our most recent blog post, click here to check it out. Written by CTO & Co-founder, Nathan Bartlett, it gives a behind-the-scenes look into how the brain of our autonomous robot is being constructed.

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