Finding Our Niche in Advanced Manufacturing

Author: Jake Herington

The Hunter Region is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, and the regions willingness to embrace new and innovative technology is growing with it. The relaxed lifestyle and plentiful opportunities the area offers makes it an ideal living destination, and local hardware startup Elite Robotics are taking full advantage.

Since the startups inception just over 12 months ago, they have experienced some early success as finalists in the NSW AUSPost Regional Pitchfest Competition and 2017 NEWi Awards for Best Tech Startup (Pre-Revenue) and Best Smart City Solution/Greentech Solution. Elite Robotics is eager to contribute to the growth in the advanced manufacturing industry within the region with their autonomous lawnmower, LUCi.

Using intelligent algorithms similar to those found in driverless vehicles, Elite Robotics are building the next generation of robots that will equip greens keepers with cutting edge tools they need to manage their ever growing workload.

With the help of those involved in the advanced manufacturing sector and the rapidly evolving innovation ecosystem forming in the Hunter Region, Elite Robotics is ready to show the world how man and machine can work together give us back what we value most. Time.


Since inception, Elite Robotics has grown its team from 3 founding members to a total of 7, including 1 part-time mechatronics engineer and 3 regular interns. Together, the team has been able to produce a working prototype ready for testing.

This would not have been possible however, without the help of those involved in the Hunter Region’s manufacturing industry. Their support has turned what we once considered a difficult and daunting task into a much simpler process, thanks to the close proximity of quality resources and facilities.

Australia’s startup ecosystem is filled with ideas focusing on software applications and online platforms, but hardware startups like Elite Robotics and others like them are proving that there absolutely is space for hardware development and manufacturing in this ecosystem.

Elite Robotics would like to thank all those who have helped them on their journey thus far and look forward to working with innovative organisations and professionals in the future.

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