November Newsletter

Author: Jenny Hanson

This month has been a whirlwind between finishing up our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Grant, scheduling prototype testing and fully immersing ourselves in the ICON Accelerator Program by Slingshot. Read on to see what we’ve else been up to and what’s in store for the rest of 2017!

Company News

Prototype Testing

Last week we conducted our first ever test run with LUCi at Merewether Golf Club! This preliminary trial allowed us to test our mapping sensors as well as refine our code for data collection. We will continue testing and tweaking for the next six months–stay tuned!

ICON Accelerator

This week marks the half way point of ICON Regional Accelerator. This program has been highly beneficial for us in more ways than one. Besides receiving $25,000 in funding, it’s given us invaluable resources, workshops and mentoring; kicking our company into high gear. We can’t wait to show you our progress!

On The Radar:

Business Trip to Regional NSW

At the end of this month our team is embarking on a business trip to Dubbo, Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas. Throughout the trip we will be conducting more prototype testing and market research to better tailor our product to consumer needs. Look out for snapshots of us on the road!

In Case You Missed It

Elite Robotics Featured in Newcastle Herald

Earlier this month Elite Robotics had an exclusive article in the Newcastle Herald ! In case you missed getting your hands on a physical copy, you can still access the article online anytime! Give it a read here.

Founders Update from CEO Sahil Harriram

In case you missed our most recent blog post, click here to check it out. Written by CEO & co-founder, Sahil, it gives a progress report, product update and his vision for the future of Elite Robotics!

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