What is Elite Robotics?

Author: Elite Robotics

Elite Robotics was founded by a few passionate engineers who want to change the way you view automation. Instead of seeing it as impeding on your daily life and destroying the job market; we want you to see it as a useful tool that enhances your life, giving you the freedom and energy to devote to what you love most.

The entire premise of technology is something that exists to make our task of living easier. Millions of years ago we learnt how to sharpen rocks into knives and axes; and the knowledge of building these tools determined a human’s ability to survive. Now the knowledge of this process is not imperative to our survival. Instead our survival is pinned on getting an education, which should lead us to finding a good job, so that we may earn enough money to pay bills, in order to keep surviving.

But we want you to stretch your imagination and think about a life where those things aren’t as important. Imagine being able to spend your day doing things that you actually care about. Like learning a new language, learning how to paint or spending quality time with your friends and family. This is our dream: to help you live a life filled with purpose and freedom, not pointless chores.

Just as the progression of technology removed our need to learn how to carve axes out of stone, we want to build technology that will remove your need to do menial household tasks. Our short term plan over the next 10 years to begin to achieve this goal is to build the following products:

A high quality, low volume lawn mower for golf courses, sporting venues, and other publicly accessed grounds.

A high quality, medium volume lawn mower for large private properties.

A smaller, high quality, high volume lawnmower for everyday consumers.

As the world becomes more complex we NEED to find ways of simplifying everyday life. Robotics will help us achieve this goal, and Elite Robotics are going to bring this technology into your home.

So tell us, are you ready to join the robotic revolution?

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