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Welcome to Elite Robotics.

Elite Robotics specialises in the manufacture and design of robotic systems. Our passion for technology and innovation led to our vision to make everyday life easier for you.

Our goal is to improve lives through the automation industry, so you have time to do the things you love. We create practical solutions specifically designed to meet your needs. With your support, we can build and shape our future positively through the robotics industry. In our operations, we have the following service and products to offer.

Automation Systems

The Automation systems are unique systems designed to perform a string of tasks to reduce the labour cost of such tasks. Aside from the labour-cost reducing benefits, they also help increase the speed of production while simultaneously helping these systems promote the quality of the products, smoothen the process and make it efficient.


At Elite Robotics, we ensure that we tailor our research and development to solving challenges. At our back, we call a team of professionals who have successfully executed tons of projects bordering on research and development for diverse clients both on a national and global scale.


Robots are essentially a product of robotics technology. This technology is one that cuts across various disciplines of science as well as engineering for the sole aim of designing and constructing robots. Robots are machines that are created to carry out different tasks efficiently.


We provide ready to use solutions that are particularly tailored to your choice and what exactly you want. This way, Elite Robotics can advance and correct automated system. Elite Robotics offers numerous freelance robotics and manufacturing services.

Plastic Industry

Elite Robotics is, no doubt, the foremost supplier and provider of automated machines for plastic industries. Over time, we have produced and set up different products for the plastic industry. Some of the products include but are not limited to the robotic systems used to manage bottles that are not balanced and other containers with not so simple packing and adequate form.

Machine Vision

In sophistication, machine vision is similar to voice recognition. It is often connected with the ability of a computer to see. It uses a camera or various cameras to automatically analyse and inspect objects, particularly in an industrial environment. They have filters and have an easier interface.


In our efforts to better humanity, we have made Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to help with the transportation of heavy materials within a designated area. These AGVs are powerfully built with designed robotics to help automate the movement of objects in a factory. This explains why they are mostly used in factories where heavy objects are always needed to be moved.


In helping to positively shape our future through the robotics industry, we have carefully built robots using highly developed software that help coordinate the operations of these robots. The software we apply help to develop many intelligent mechanical devices that automate onerous processes. Though there is a specific software for our robots, their programming and application are diverse. For us at Elite Robotics, we have personalised software that has been carefully developed to meet our robots' operational and coordination needs.

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