Automate Labour With Our AGVs

In our efforts to better humanity, we have made Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to help with the transportation of heavy materials within a designated area. These AGVs are powerfully built with designed robotics to help automate the movement of objects in a factory. This explains why they are mostly used in factories where heavy objects are always needed to be moved. AGVs built by Elite Robotics have different navigation channels to ensure diversity and make movement easy. They have also been built with an easy steering control model.

Navigation Of AGVs

For AGVs to achieve their aim of moving heavy materials around an enclosed area, they have to be built with highly sensitive navigation channels. At Elite Robotics, we understand this, and that is why we have built our AGVs with highly sensitive navigation channels. The navigation channel of our AGVs include

All these help our AGVs to sense obstructions and navigate properly, while still achieving its aim of lifting and delivering heavy materials to their point of need.

Steering Control

For a robotically engineered machine that transports heavy materials, its control must be top-notch and well updated. For us at Elite Robotics, we understand this and have built our AGVs with an articulated steering control mechanism. For our AGVs, we have three steering control types that help them move around better and help navigate in tight corners. The steering controls are

This steering control adopts dual drive wheels that are independently driven when the AGV needs to turn. They can also be simultaneously driven in cases of the AGV moving backward or forward. For this control, there is no need for additional mechanisms or steering motors. First steering control is best adopted where the AGV has to move heavy materials near machines or in tight areas.

This steering control is often modelled after that of a car but without the usual maneuverability of a car. Nonetheless, it has a smother turning mechanism. You can use it to tow and can be controlled by an operator.

This steering control adopts the two steering mechanism of the first and second steering control to deliver better steering control. In this third control, the dual independent drive/steer motors are designed on the AGVs’ diagonal corners. On the other corner, you will find swivelling castors. This design makes this type of control maneuver like a car in a different direction.

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