April Newsletter

Author: Jenny Hanson

This past month we took a company trip to Google HQ in Sydney, pitched our autonomous vehicle platform at the Start House 100 Pitch Night at the Lock Up, and welcomed a new member to our team: Brent. Read on to see what else we’ve been up to and what’s on our radar for the coming months.

Company News

Quarterly Meeting

In the last three months, we’ve done a lot of behind the scenes work to prepare for funding our first seed round. This was also the first quarter that a lot of our team was working remotely, making it a bit harder to communicate. However, our quarterly meeting gave everyone the chance to share their developments and for us as a team to discuss how close we came to achieving our OKR’s. We ended up completing so much work that the meeting lasted for over 4 hours!

Company Visit to Google HQ

The team visited Google HQ in Sydney last month and saw first hand how a big company operates while continuing to innovate. We learnt a lot about how work environments can affect the ability to work efficiently, and how to minimise distractions. We also got to see how employees worked together and the tools they used to communicate effectively. All of this will be taken on board in hopes to improve how we work here at Elite Robotics. Thanks for having us, Google!

Start House 100 Pitch Night

The Business Centre in partnership with The Garis Group put on a pitch night showcasing some of the participants in their recent incubator program. We had the opportunity to present our startup since we had participated in the very first iteration of this program early last year. This event was a great opportunity for us to present our new business pitch. We focused primarily on a lean autonomous vehicle platform that we’re developing as well as the applications for this technology beyond autonomous lawnmowers.

Welcome to the Team: Brent

Project deadlines are creeping up and we need more hands-on deck. We have enlisted Brent, a final year Mechatronics student, to complete his 12 weeks of Industrial Experience with us. He is going to be working closely with Doug to build out and maintain parts of the embedded system. He will also be assisting Doug, Nathan and Sahil with the implementation of the navigation system using our newly upgraded components.

In Case You Missed It

Did you know?

The global market for autonomous vehicles is expected to skyrocket, predicted to reach $42 Billion by 2025 and $7 Trillion by 2050! Ever wondered how these driverless vehicles really work? Find out how our most recent blog post here.