Our Manufacturing Services

At Elite robotics, we provide ready to use solutions that are particularly tailored to your choice and what exactly you want. This way, elite robotics can advance and correct automated system. Elite Robotics offers numerous freelance robotics and manufacturing services Some of them include the following;

Automation Of Factory

Elite robotics offers a one-on-one consultancy service to facilitate discussion of what you as a client would like to achieve. If you desire to carry on with the automation project, feel free to come across to us with detailed sets of requirements or with what you aim to cover with your work. Kindly note that the technical requirements should encompass or entail a detailed description of the automation process and its likely problems. And also, prospective work scope once it has been implemented and approved. Once you are contented with the work potential, we then proceed to sign the work agreement or a legally enforceable contract to begin work. After the signing of the contract, the first phase, which is the development phase, basically entails the issuance of work updates with the use of GANTT charts and a software that enables the project to be tracked. After a significant process has been undergone, formal reports have to be issued. The construction phase precedes the development stage. Here, we at Elite robotics aim to construct as much as our capacity can allow to reduce idle time in the factory.

Maintenance And Repair

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's the fact that no one wants breakdowns because they can be hazardous to the business’ health. Hence, it's smart to properly address maintenance and repair issues to avoid losing valuable work time. At Elite Robotics, one of our manufacturing offerings is a consultancy service that borders on maintenance and equipment repair. We facilitate repair of automated systems and other machinery set up either by our firm or other companies. In cases where other companies set it up, the warranty would be strictly upheld, and absolute care would be taken not to tamper with it. All repairs are attended to one case after the other for adequate tendering and repair.

Smart Factory Design and Integration

In line with our manufacturing services at Elite Robotics, we do smart factory design and automation. It is fast becoming a highly sought-after investment with a lucrative return on investment, hence the need to adopt it. For a factory to be termed as smart, it needs to have automation in the presence of the internet, high-tech equipment, software Integration etc. Elite Robotics can make available a machine-driven workspace by making the production processes simple enough with equipment and machines like; numerous automated guide vehicles, packing system etc. At the current rate of industrialisation, smart factory technology will undoubtedly take over the realms of affairs in factories. Elite Robotics also provided other manufacturing services including the following; Custom machinery, Automation consultancy, programming and control, etc.

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