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Author: Jenny Hanson

This week Sahil spoke at an exhibition on ‘The Future of Work’ with the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship. Coming up next week (May 6-18) is the annual Hunter Innovation Fest. The following week our team heads to Sydney for Startup Xpress. Later this month Sahil will be speaking at Startup Stories at DSA-18 in Williamtown from 1-2PM on May 17th. Read on for more information:

On The Radar

Hunter Innovation Festival

The annual Hunter Innovation Fest is upon us! Starting next week May 6th and finishing May 18th; check out the full list of events here. Be sure to mark your calendars for Startup Stories May 17th–CEO Sahil Harriram will be the featured speaker of the week!.

Sydney Startup Xpress

Later this month the team will travel to Sydney for Startup Xpress. The conference and exhibition will be a great opportunity for us to network and get our name out as we prepare for our first round of investment later this year.

Company News

SSE Activator: The Future of Work

This week we had the privilege of exhibiting our startup at the SSE Activator: Reimagining the Future of Work, hosted by Vanessa Mcdonald. It was a great opportunity for us to share some of the recent developments in our business. Our CEO, Sahil also gave a little talk about our startup journey, sharing with students what the future of work might look like and the role entrepreneurship can play in this future.

SSE Startup Stories 1-2PM Thursday May 17th

As part of this year’s Hunter Innovation Festival, CEO Sahil was invited to speak at Startup Stories May 17th from 1-2PM at DSA-18 Williamtown. Bring your lunch and meet us there or watch the live stream at Three76 Hub. Free but Rego is essential here.

In Case You Missed It

Founders Update from CEO Sahil

In case you missed our most recent blog post, click here to check it out. Sahil gives an overview of our first quarter, an update on product development and shares a sneak peak of what’s to come for the rest of this year.

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