Plastics Industry

Best Automation Machines For The Plastic Industry

Elite Robotics is, no doubt, the foremost supplier and provider of automated machines for plastic industries. Over time, we have produced and set up different products for the plastic industry. Some of the products include but are not limited to the robotic systems used to manage bottles that are not balanced and other containers with not so simple packing and adequate form. We have various machines to handle all these, but some of the consistent characteristics of these machines include; security of being guarded in line with certain safety measures, flexibility in managing a wide range of products, ability for the machines to keep being on operation for a long time. At the core of our automation machine offerings at Elite Robotics are;

Automatic Palletisers

Our team of professionals at elite robotics have developed a wide range of Palletisers that are a perfect fit for our client's need in the plastic industry. A palletiser is an automated machine used for piling product casing on a pallet. This machine saves a lot of time and effort, which would have been used in manually stacking these goods on a pallet. The palletisers are not rigid; they are quite easy to set up and can easily handle plastic bottles of various shapes, colours and sizes. The key characteristics as well as benefits of the Automatic Palletisers are;

Automatic Baggers

Consequently, we have created machines suited for bagging. They are tailored to each client's preference and of course, the general standards of the plastic moulding industry. These baggers' major quality is its flexibility to withstand the weight of different plastics and containers regardless of its size, colour, or shape. Other features of the Baggers are;

Noteworthy is the fact that our automatic Baggers can be confirmed and designed in line with diverse layouts of factories.

Additionally, Elite Robotics offers robotic packing and palletising to complement the range of palletising services available in the plastic industry. It requires really good flexibility alongside the many functions it performs. The major features are benefits that are very similar to those of automatic Baggers and Automatic palletising. Robotic packing can be applied to plastic bottles, aerosol caps, and so many other ranges of plastics or containers.

Elite robotics have also developed Depalletisers that can be used for plastic jars and bottles. They possess speed, flexibility as well as the ability to handle a wide range of products notwithstanding the size or shape or colour.

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