Learn About Our R&D Projects

At Elite Robotics, we ensure that we tailor our research and development to solving challenges. At our back, we call a team of professionals who have successfully executed tons of projects bordering on research and development for diverse clients both on a national and global scale. Asides from this, we have on ground various research and development projects that are being run simultaneously and in collaboration with notable researchers and key institutions. These include The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and universities around the globe that have a demonstrated interest in research and development. We at elite Robotics ensure that we integrate a rigorous series of testing for our research and development projects to produce a fully functional system that would be a perfect fit tailored to the particular industry for which the project was initiated. Our research and development team's skills at elite robotics enable us to deliver qualitative, unique and flexible services to our clientele. This, in turn, gives us an edge over all our other competitors, both local and international. During our research and development processes at Elite robotics, we make sure that we take some calculative steps and approaches.

System Simulations

At Elite Robotics, we use computers to simulate our various design problems with software for spatial analysis. We use computer simulations in so many contexts depending on the kind of projects being worked on. First, we collect the relevant information needed; then we use simplifying approximations all within the simulations, after which we check for the validity and reliability of the outcomes. Some software packages which can be used to run system simulation modelling include; Stochastic modelling, monte Carlo simulation etc.

Prototype Testing

After going all out to produce top-notch and excellent designs for a particular project, we immediately set out to create prototypes that are more of a real design demo. We then go out to test-run the prototype using real-life data and situations. In prototype testing, we look out for things like usability, validity and reliability of the product created out of the R&D project.

Force Analysis

At Elite robotics, another innovative approach we take on our projects is force analysis. Here, we direct large amounts of experiments to obtain the prescribed quantity of forces faced by machines and other assisting equipment. After this, we create sections that are capable of enduring these forces for execution of subsequent tasks.

We also carry out time -based experiments on our equipment to make sure they meet up with the cycle times at the end of the last design.

At elite robotics, we also run a series of calculations to determine our experiments' overall value.

After a series of calculations, prototyping, analysis, and several other innovative approaches, we finally create a custom-made manual design solution. We ensure that we carry out this on any application being worked on to give a bespoke outlook.

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