RFID Applications

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Elite Robotics is one of the foremost and leading organisations to make available complete RFID solutions. These solutions supplied entail both hardware as well as application software. The Radio Frequency Identification uses signal waves to save and obtain a pool of information on to tags. These tags include in it a chip in which sticky labels and plastic cards are embedded. The RFID technology is quite distinct because it entails wireless capturing of data and processing of transactions. The two key areas where RFID technology can be applied is short-range and long-range. The RFID technology makes available an extra ability to function and certain advantages with regards to authentication and verification of products. There are access control applications which are short-ranged. At Elite Robotics, we are keenly interested and highly focused on delivering top-notch services and driven towards RFID technology and solutions. We make use of them to track company values such as persons, documents, and other assets. Elite robotics makes available well-rounded solutions revolving round RFID solutions. It is largely anchored on the peak of the existing framework in place at Governmental and healthcare industries.

Asset Tracking

These tracking can either be static or moving, such as a wheelchair or laptops as well as servers in a data hub. The user here can quickly decide the tracking or place of the assets within and around the location. This is made possible largely with the aid of RFID technologies. Applications used for asset tracking will witness a linear curve in growth around the years to come.

Just like asset tracking, people tracking is used in similar ways. The most common places that require people tracking are health centres and prisons. Hospitals use the RFID technology in their tags to ensure proper tracking of special patients in the hospital. During an emergency, patients can also be easily tracked. This application is particularly useful in mental institutions and pediatric hospitals for monitoring the activities and movements of new babies. Amidst all these uses, the best use for people tracking comes handy in prisons to keep a close eye on inmates within the jail.

Here, an RFID technology based solution helps to tackle the problem of an extreme large amount of data within a document management system. The technology saves time and reduces the risk or legal liability of displacing important documents.

The use of barcodes and electro-magnetic strips for tracking valuables has become widespread in numerous government libraries. The RFID technology-based barcode can simultaneously read lots of items at the same time therefore reducing delay and increasing customer that use self-check. The RFID technology assists in providing a less difficult way to handle a very big and detailed production process. It makes available a range of benefits from small scale production right to production in batches. It gives room for a better analysis while eliminating or drastically reducing bureaucracy.

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