Getting To Know About Robotics Technology

Robots are essentially a product of robotics technology. This technology is one that cuts across various disciplines of science as well as engineering for the sole aim of designing and constructing robots. Robots are machines that are created to carry out different tasks efficiently. The field of robotics is a nexus of science and technology as well as engineering to produce machines. This field has evolved largely that by 2005, about 90% of robots in the automotive industry could build cars by assembling their parts. The constituents of these robots that allow them to function well in this industry are the mechanical arms used for welding and screwing of the car parts. Presently, robotics has evolved widely that we now have robots that assist with law enforcement, healthcare and even with the creation and use of other robots. Despite the continuous evolution of robots and the field of robotics, Robots that have maintained some key features, some of which include;

Types of Robots

These types of robot function in an environment with control. They respond to the same set of tasks which are usually simple. An example of a pre-programmed robot is a mechanical arm on an automotive assembly line.

These are robots that have striking resemblance with humans. They pick up behaviour or traits peculiar to humans and perform these activities. These kinds of robots can run, carry objects or even mimic human expressions. Examples of these robots are; Hanson Robotics' Sophia.

These types function without the help of an operator or controller. They are created to execute tasks in an uncontrolled environment as opposed to pre-programmed robots. An example of such robots that do not reed human supervision is the Roomba vacuum cleaner.

These robots are mostly under the supervision or control of humans. They execute tasks in locations with harsh conditions, be it weather or situations. Examples of these robots are robots used to repair water leakage, oil spills, or detect bombs.

These robots are there to improve human efficiency or replace lost human abilities, e.g. prosthetic limbs, exoskeleton etc.

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