Our Robotic Software

Elite Robotics specialises in the manufacture and design of robotic systems. Our passion for technology and innovation led to our vision to make everyday life easier for you. Our goal is to improve lives through the automation industry, so you have time to do the things you love. We create practical solutions specifically designed to meet your needs. With your support, we can build and shape our future positively through the robotics industry. In helping to positively shape our future through the robotics industry, we have carefully built robots using highly developed software that help coordinate the operations of these robots. The software we apply help to develop many intelligent mechanical devices that automate onerous processes. Though there is specific software for our robots, their programming and application are diverse. For us at Elite Robotics, we have personalised software that has been carefully developed to meet the operational and coordination needs of our robots.

Industrial Software

We have a set of industrial software for robots that consists of data instructions and objects (referred to as flow). This industrial software for our robots dictates what the operation of the robot will be. For instance, it is responsible for directing the robot to achieve a movement operation.

Programming Languages For Robots

In building our robots, we use different programming languages that help the robots achieve different functions and operations. Some programming languages include the Visual Prog Lang, which has an interface that allows for easy interaction with users. There is also the scripting language which is used for augmenting how a system or application program runs. Though there are diverse languages for robots, the purpose of all of these programming languages is creating a robotic application that automates processes and helps people. It is important for the programming languages deployed for the robots to achieve this in order not to lose sight of the end goal.

Safety Considerations

It is not new that robots do not have a mind of their own; they are controlled by the software and programming languages used to build them. This means that in developing the software and programming the robots, safety must be a prime consideration. At Elite Robotics, we entirely frown at programming errors because we know the risks they stand to pose during industrial operations. This is why we ensure that our software and programming mechanisms pass through many processes to ensure that they are error-free and achieve the purpose they have been intended for. We ensure that all industrial and design guidelines are followed to the letter. In ensuring safety considerations, we ensure we cover the following areas

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